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PVC pipes and fittings

Manufacturer for PVC pipes & fittings for drainage & sewerages systems & soil waste system Manufacturing of very high quality. HEPCO which complies to all standard specifications in the region. HEPCO manufactures Drainage & sewage pipes according to BS EN 1401 (BS 4660) standards, and Soil & waste systems are manufactured according to BS EN 1329 (BS 4514) & BS EN 1455 (BS 5255) standards.

Soil and waste pipes

The leading plastic product manufacturer in the Middle East.
Manufacturer for wide range of products in various plumbing systems:
Soil & waste pipes & fittings, Drainage & sewerages Pipes & fittings, PVC High pressure pipes in BSDIN & ASTM standards.

HDPE Aerators, Hanging Clamps, Floor & Roof drains Traps & Connector, Polythene Pipes & fittings, fittings are in both compression & fusion system and Fusion Jointing machines etc.

PPR pipes and fittings

HAKAN is a Turkey based company. HAKAN manufacture's a series of products such as PP-R Pipes & Fittings, Pex Pipes & Fittings, Sound Proot Piping System, Mineral Reinforced pipes, Sanitary pipe system, Agricultural & Irrigation system, Sewerages piping System etc..

Building materials dubai

In BLine Fab UPVC Fabricated fittings which are manufactured according to site conditions and requirements. In BLine Fab we import high quality welding rods from UK for our welding to give strength and perfect finish for long lasting joints, Our workshop is fully equipped with well trained professionals and state-of-the-art machineries.

Pipes and fittings dubai
Polypipe Italia

Polypipe Italia is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing pipes & fittings and also offers a wide range of plastic pipes & fittings of high pressure.

Buildline Provides
1). High pressure pipes (Polypipe, Italia)
2). High pressure fittings {Effast, Italia)

Pressure pipes and fittings

CEPEX a Spanish company who manufactures UPVC High pressure fittings & valves of a very high quality and standards in both Imperial and DIN standards.

Buildline Provides
1) UPVC High pressure fittings, valves & flanges in inch & DIN standard.

HDPE pipes and fittings

A specialized company in Italy who manufacture HDPE (High Density poly
Ethelene) Fittings and UPVC High pressure fittings with rubber ring.

Buildline Provides
1). HDPE fittings Both Butt fusion & Electro fusion
2), UPVC High pressure fittings with rubber ring up to size 315mm diameter

Brass valves Dubai

Flowflex based in United Kingdom is one of the leading manufacturers of brass and chrome plated valves in various range.

Buildline Provides
1) Brass Gate valves, Ball valves, Float valves and angle valves etc…
Bathroom Accessories, Manhole Covers, HDPE Drainage, Fabrication, Floor Drain Covers, Traps& Connectors, Mixers, Ceramic Items, Brass Valves, Solvent Cement, Hanging Clamps, HDPE Pipes and Fittings, Pex pipes & Fittings, PPR Pipes & Fittings, High Pressure Pipes & Fittings, Drainage pipes & Fittings, Soil & Waste pipes UAE, Oman, Qatar, India, Afghanistan, Srilanka, Seychelles and Djibouti